(Season 3, Episode 6)
(Season 3, Episode 6)

TruLine Realty is your boutique real estate company based in Los Angeles, California. TruLine Realty is dedicated to providing you with comprehensive service, focused around all of your real estate needs.   Since its inception, TruLine Realty has successfully worked with a broad range of clients from investors and banks to developers and individuals all seeking to maximize the value of their real estate investments.  Our highly skilled team has built a solid reputation having represented clients through multiple real estate cycles.


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It is easy to find out your property's value.  You can receive a FREE computerized report of recent property sales and current listings anywhere in the Greater Los Angeles area emailed to you at no cost or obligation.  The report will include comparable properties sold in your area, current for sale properties, the days on market for the listed properties and their prices.


This information is available for residential and commercial properties and will help you better understand your property's value if you were to put it up for sale today.  


Our agents are always ready to answer any questions you may have with regard to your property and can walk through the report with you step by step.  


You can receive your free market analysis by calling us at (323) 389-5432, sending an email to info@trulinerealty.com, or completing the simple form below.  Please be sure to include the property address or Assessor Parcel Number (APN) and the county where your property is located.

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Real Estate News

Evictions from rent-controlled units on the rise in L.A. (Sun, 13 Apr 2014)
An increasing number of rent-controlled units are being converted to condos or simply flattened, leaving a dwindling supply and fewer affordable options for residents. Arie Shashou remembers simple pleasures from the decades spent in his Westside home: helping neighbors with small tasks; the daily chats with the former manager of the complex; the paintings that line the walls of his one-bedroom.
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Rock star Pink lists Sherman Oaks home for sale again (Sat, 12 Apr 2014)
Three-time Grammy winner Pink puts her Sherman Oaks home up for sale at $3.499 million. She listed it at $4 million three years ago or for lease at $8,500 a month and wound up with a tenant.  
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Beverly Crest contemporary features indoor-outdoor vibe (Sat, 12 Apr 2014)
The newly built three-story home makes the most of its site with expanses of glass bringing in canyon views. Set at the end of a cul-de-sac behind glass gates, this newly built three-story contemporary in the Beverly Crest area makes the most of its site with expanses of glass bringing in canyon views. Retractable walls further the indoor-outdoor vibe, opening the house to a wall planted with succulents, an infinity pool and a spa.
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Renewal of federal tax breaks for homeowners facing bumpy road (Sun, 13 Apr 2014)
Homeowner benefits such as mortgage debt forgiveness may not stand up to a planned rigorous evaluation by Rep. Dave Camp, the House's most influential tax legislator. WASHINGTON — Renewal of important expired federal tax benefits for homeowners took a major step forward recently, but the route to final congressional approval is beginning to look longer — and potentially bumpier — than previously expected.
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Retiree needs help paying homeowner association assessment (Sun, 13 Apr 2014)
A condo owner who will have difficulty paying an HOA assessment is advised to submit a written request to meet with the board to discuss a payment plan for that potential debt. Question: Thinking this would be cost-effective housing, I bought a condo in the Riverside County area. Since then I've asked the board to repair my unit's balcony railing numerous times to no avail. Six years later, I received a notification that the balconies on all 96 units must be repaired, costing each owner more than $3,000. I have no say in the way things are done around here. This homeowner association has wasted thousands of dollars on repeated cosmetic primping like painting, parking lot slurry seal, landscape and more. The board's priorities differ from mine.
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Fannie and Freddie's steep fees hurting home buyers, critics say (Sun, 06 Apr 2014)
These fees are partially responsible for declines in home purchases in recent months, especially among moderate-income, first-time and minority buyers, critics say. WASHINGTON — When you're raking in tens of billions of dollars in profits by helping credit-elite borrowers buy homes, couldn't you lighten up on fees a little for everyday folks who'd also like to buy?
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Homeowner association manager is accused of fabricating evidence (Sun, 06 Apr 2014)
An owner asks how to prevail in small-claims court against an association manager who presents evidence that is irrelevant to the case or even fabricated. Question: Our manager refuses owner requests for documents, causing our association to be sued several times a year. Each time she comes to court as a defendant, she brings her so-called evidence and answers, "Your honor, see Exhibit X." She overloads on exhibits, most of which are contrived for the purpose of that hearing. Her main strategy includes putting on big exhibit head notes supposedly explaining what each exhibit consists of, but when the exhibits are scrutinized and read, they have little or nothing to do with what is head-noted. The court accepts the exhibits based on the head notes. For example, she head-noted "County-issued permit," but in actuality it was only an application for the permit that was never filed. In our cases, judges aren't reading the exhibits, just the head notes. If judges bothered to read the exhibits, they would see the exhibits were irrelevant to the case and/or suspiciously fabricated for the purpose of that hearing. The judges inevitably rule for the manager, as homeowner association representative, and against the plaintiff-homeowners. She brags how she successfully pulls off this scam in court. She credits her former management company boss, who showed her how to do this. How do we get judges to read beyond her exhibit head notes? How can owners do better in small-claims actions?
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A fresh look in an older Beverly Grove neighborhood (Sat, 05 Apr 2014)
Recently completed, this clean-line contemporary is the new kid on a block of older homes in the Beverly Grove area. Among its au courant features are a biometric entry, a glass-walled wine preservation room and such green features as repurposed wood and a reflective roof.
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Gwyneth Paltrow, Chris Martin buy $14-million home, then 'uncouple' (Sat, 05 Apr 2014)
Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband, Chris Martin of Coldplay, buy a house in Malibu for $14 million, prior to their 'conscious uncoupling.' Well, this is awkward. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her musician husband, Chris Martin of Coldplay, bought a house in Malibu for $14 million, then they turned around and announced their "conscious uncoupling."
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Homeowner association has duty to protect records and documents (Sun, 30 Mar 2014)
Handing over the association's documents and records, including titleholder information and accounts, to a management company creates a security issue. Question: I'm the president of our homeowner association mainly because no one else wants the job. We live in a prestigious area of Los Angeles and have fewer than 30 units. Because nobody wants to be on our board we hired a management company. They're not a California company. Their head office is out of state, and we've never seen or been to their California place of business and do not know where it is or that they even have a California office. A management representative came and picked up our files and documents, including owners' personal information and accounts, and gave us their P.O. box number. All we have to do is pay them. So far there have been no complaints until an owner asked the board where our files were. Do we have to give the owner the management company's physical address?
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