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TruLine Realty is a fully integrated real estate development, investment and brokerage firm based in Los Angeles, California.  Our projects are characterized by location, efficiency and integrity. Having lived in Los Angeles for a combined 60+ years we are acutely aware of all market conditions and are attuned to the specific geographics of each neighborhood on a micro scale.

At TruLine Realty each project is painstakingly researched from before acquisition, and given our focused attention every step of the way.  At TruLine Realty, our focus is on maximizing our investment return, whether on a small scale flip or with a major new construction.  We focus on architectural feasibility and financial analysis prior to acquisition to ensure our investors are only involved in the most promising projects.

As real estate brokers and real estate attorneys, the partnership at TruLine Realty is able to identify opportunities better and sooner than others.  Our contacts and insight spans the entire real estate industry, providing our investors with superior support throughout the entire process, from start to finish.