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Downtown Real Estate

Downtown Los Angeles: LA’s Hippest Residential Neighborhood

Downtown Los Angeles has seen many periods of growth and decline over the centuries, it is currently one of the hottest real estate markets in the County.  Starting in the early 20th century, banks and corporations flocked to downtown Los Angeles, prompting the boom in economy of the entire region. Downtown is now home to over 500,000 jobs and is one of LA’s most diverse residential areas. Los Angeles has much to offer; ranging from a fashion district to the financial district, an arts district, one of the best public transport system in the country, a wealth of new technology to improve daily life, some of the most world-renowned entertainment activities, and some of the best shopping centers.  Downtown Los Angeles is perfect for those who crave a “City Lifestyle”. Almost anything you could want is within walking distance, from 5 star dinning to fast food, cinemas, galleries, museums, designer fashion, and thrift stores.  Downtown LA has it all.  

Los Angeles is a great city to raise a family in! Family fun in Downtown Los Angeles is unlike anywhere else in the world. There are concerts almost every week, events at LA Live or at the Convention Center, concerts in the park, multiple shopping malls, art galleries, several movie theaters, and much more!  Since 1999, the City Council passed the adaptive reuse ordinance, allowing developers to convert many of the vacant office and commercial spaces into renovated lofts.  These lofts have a modern, industrial feel to them, and there has since been tremendous response amongst LA’s younger home buyers.  Downtown LA is trending upward and is widely regarded as a strong investment opportunity for a new cosmopolitan family home.