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    TruLine Real Estate’s agent-first approach has made us one of the fastest growing brokerages in the Los Angeles area. Founded in 2012 by real estate attorneys, we leverage our background to provide a level of service beyond expectations. Our agents assist their clients in a wide range of real estate needs, from buying and selling homes and helping with real estate investments, to negotiating the terms of the most complex transactions, including development projects.

    We are a family-oriented company that
    truly cares about its agents. Our staff is
    available to you 7 days a week and even
    after business hours. We learn by doing,
    and work together to grow your OWN book
    of business. TruLine is where your real
    estate career takes off, all you need is the
    desire to put in the work.

    If you win, we win! TruLine does not have
    any office fees (no legal fund fees,
    insurance fees, taxes, franchise fees, etc.). If
    you are not closing deals, you pay TruLine
    nothing. TruLine is only successful if you
    are successful, and we offer very
    competitive commission splits.

    We invest tens of thousands of dollars per
    month buying leads from various sources
    and have full-time employees who do
    nothing but call and schedule
    appointments for our agents. We will hand
    you the nurtured leads and give you the
    best tools possible for success!
    We offer Zillow,, and many nurtured leads.

    – Our Broker is a very knowledgeable
    attorney who keeps us updated on current
    laws and practices dealing with the real
    estate market and contracts.
    -Robert M.

    – It’s a great feature that TruLine invests in
    online lead generation resources that
    provide us with leads. This has helped us
    build up a strong database of clients.
    – Euri M.

    – I just joined TruLine and I just closed 4
    deals. I have developed new wonderful
    clients and friends, through Truline leads,
    as well as my own hard work.
    – Virginia R.

    – I feel very fortunate to work at TruLine
    Realty! Our broker is very experienced and
    encouraging and the energy at the office is
    positive and supportive. We get leads on
    regular basis and have around the clock
    support from our broker and the staff.
    – Nava L.

    -In one month at TruLine, I have learned
    more than what I did in a year and a half at
    a large corporation. What I love about
    TruLine is that they provide you with leads,
    marketing support, printing services, a
    great CRM system for free!
    – Angelica P.

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